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Kidney Treatment

Kidney failure is not a death alarm. It is treatable now.

Functions of Kidney What happens if kidneys are not working properly
  • Purification of blood by removing toxins through urine.
  • Increase in blood urea and serum creatinine, decreased appetite, nausea, itching, lethargy.
  • Blood pressure control
  • Headache, anxiety and decreased vision.
  • R.B.C production
  • Anaemia, Pallor
  • Bone formation control
  • Bone pains and fractures.
  • Water, salt, acid base balance (Sodium / Potassium)
  • Swelling of body, decrease in urine output, breathlessness, weakness and heart failure.

How to Detect:
A simple Urine test for Albumin and a Blood test for Serum Creatinine. The increased level of Albumin and Serum Creatinine will tell if the kidneys are getting effected. Other symptoms which show kidney problems are: High Blood Pressure, Decreased Hoemoglobin and High Blood Urea.

Now once you identify that your kidneys are not functioning properly, start the treatment. Ayurvedic Care & Cure provides the best treatment. Our research and proved results will cure you. WE ARE SURE ABOUT THIS!

We give oral medicine along with dietary precautions.

Dialysis only partially replaces the excretory functions but do nothing for metabolic and endocrinal functions. This is not a complete treatment.

Our Suggestion to you:
Prevention is always better. You can start with small doses to keep your kidneys healthy. ALWAYS!


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